Feature Items will run from Wednesday, July 21st until Tuesday, July 27th.

Dinner Features


Korean Cauliflower Lettuce Wraps

Fried Cauliflower tossed in a Korean BBQ Sauce, stuffed into two Lettuce Bowls, and topped with Cucumber Slaw and Green Onions.


BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Seasoned Pulled Pork smothered in BBQ Sauce and topped with Coleslaw on a Toasted Kaiser Bun.
Served with Homemade Potato Chips.



Grilled Swordfish

Grilled Swordfish topped with Lemon-Rosemary Wine Sauce on a bed of Succotash.


Strawberry Salad

Spring Mix, Fresh Strawberries, Toasted Almonds and Red Onions in a Crispy Parmesan Bowl.
Served with Balsamic Vinaigrette.



Add Grilled Chicken Breast $3.00

Rare Blackened Sashimi Tuna $5.00 ~

Tenderloin Medallions* $8.00 ~ Grilled Salmon $7.00